Djed Alliance

The Stable Order

The Stable Order is a global decentralized cooperative fellowship on a quest to make the world more stable.
Membership is exclusive to those who have actively contributed to endeavors that improve the world's stability and that adhere to the order's code of honor.

Code of Honor

We abide by the following commandments:
  1. 1.
    Bring stability to the world.
  2. 2.
    Refrain from bringing instability to the world.
  3. 3.
    Do not free-ride on the work of other members.
  4. 4.
    Do not seek rent.
  5. 5.
    Protect the order's endeavors from free-riders.
  6. 6.
    Protect the world from rent-seekers.
The last four commandments are corollaries of the first two, for free-riding and rent-seeking are primary causes of instability in the world.

Contribution Accounting Tokens (CATs)

To ensure that we abide by the third commandment, we use CATs to track our contributions and distribute the outcomes of our endeavors fairly to ourselves. The only way to obtain CATs is by contributing to our endeavors and becoming a member of The Stable Order.
Our CATs are not for sale. They are not for investors and speculators. They are pure units of account.
If you are an investor disappointed by the impossibility to buy our CATs, consider becoming a Benefactor instead.

Knights and Benefactors

There are primarily two types of members in our order (and a member may belong to both types):
  • Knights: members who have volunteered their labour to the endeavors of the Stable Order.
  • Benefactors: members who have funded endeavors of the Stable Order.

The Stable Order, Djed and the Djed Alliance

All 5 engineers who were part of the initial team that researched and developed Djed since 2020 are knights of the Stable Order. Djed was the first collective stability-related endeavor of members of the Stable Order. The Stable Order is the guardian of the Djed Stablecoin protocol. The Stable Order now has more than 60 members.
The Djed Alliance is the open union of all people and entities working on stablecoins based on or inspired by the Djed Stablecoin protocol. Not all of them are members of the Stable Order, because some of them do not abide by our code of honor yet. We strongly encourage them to abide by our code of honor and become members of our order.
For users wondering which Djed-based stablecoins to use, The Stable Order strongly recommends preferring those developed by members of The Stable Order instead of those developed by people who choose not to be members of The Stable Order, for two reasons:
  • By using a Djed-based stablecoin developed by people who have chosen to become members of The Stable Order, the researchers and developers who created Djed, will be fairly rewarded for their work, thanks to the third commandment, and this will support the future evolution of the protocol.
  • By using a Djed-based or Djed-inspired stablecoin by people who have chosen not to become members of The Stable Order, you may be supporting free-riding and rent-seeking actions that ultimately contribute to instability in the world.
The Stable Order's endeavors are not limited to Djed and the Order's scope is broader than stablecoins.
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